Artist of the Month

Brilliant start to the new year: I am the featured “Artist of the Month” in the January 2014 edition of the EDP (Eastern Daily Press) Norfolk Magazine. They were interested in featuring an illustrator as they thought people would be intrigued to know more about how an illustrator actually works. They have written a lovely article about me and my work – particularly the artwork I have recently undertaken for a local Norfolk company, Hodmedod’s. They asked how I generated my initial ideas and also asked if I could pull together some of my work for their photographer to show the various stages of a commission through from roughs, to final illustrations and lettering, and then the work in context.EDP Norfolk Magazine Feature
Pulling my work together for the EDP’s photographer, made me realise that I’d not kept that sort of record for myself. So here are a number of photographs I have now taken showing the various stages of my work and how they’ve been pulled together by the designer on the project, Andy Croft of AndyGraphics. They start with the pencil roughs. These are really useful to ensure that we’ve all got a common idea of what we want to see in the illustration. They are also important for me as they ensure that my artwork will work within the space available.
Black Badgers Roughs to Finals
Kabuki Peas Roughs to Final
One of the challenging aspects of the commission was producing the illustrations and lettering separately and ensuring that, when the two were put together, they were perfectly aligned. This involved lots of scanning of the final artwork onto very lightweight paper, and then the use of a lightbox to trace the the outline shapes of the various leaves and pods into which the lettering had to fit.
Spill the Beans (Peas) Roughs to Final
Spill the Beans (Beans) Roughs to Final