Fast Work: Hodmedod’s Roast Fava Beans

Roasted Fava Beans Label by Carol Kearns
Fast work was required the other week. Hodmedod’s were looking to trial their roast fava beans (absolutely delicious, by the way). Nick, Josiah and Andy (the designer) and I had recently met up to talk about a number of projects and those lovely Hodmedod’s folk had brought along some samples of their new roast beans. As well as discussing on-going projects, we’d considered possible designs for trial packs of the beans; the general consensus was that we wanted them to look like “work in progress” rather than a finished design.

Back to my studio and projects in hand, except I now had a new addiction to roasted fava beans – fortunately I’ve been able to make my own as Hodmedod’s retweeted a recipe from Amuse Your Bouche – a fantastic blog by the way with some really delicious recipes. Suddenly, it’s all rush as Hodmedod’s had the opportunity, at very short notice, to have their trial packs of the roast fava beans included in the River Cottage Canteen Bristol’s first birthday celebration’s goodie bags.

Roasted Fava Beans Rough by Carol Kearns

While at Norwich University of the Arts, one of my tutors, Robert Mason, said that to be able to convincingly draw someone in a cloak, you should wear a cloak for a while so you knew what it felt like. I don’t know if having eaten some of the roasted fava beans helped but I came up with a rough in record time.Roasted Fava Beans Rough Detail by Carol Kearns This showed the general layout we might work to with possible colours shown in coloured pencil. A detail showed the possible lettering. I really like the lettering that developed during this project. It is very much how I usually show lettering in my roughs, but those are often in pencil. The letters really came to life when using coloured pencils.

Roasted Fava Beans Logo by Carol KearnsI was also pleased with how we incorporated the Hodmedod’s logo into the design. Initially we intended incorporating a jpeg of the logo, but once we had the coloured pencil rough, the possibility of also doing the logo in coloured pencil was considered. I had reservations about this – I can happily draw “Hodmedod’s” but I have come up with some fairly gruesome versions of the rather charming hedgehog in previous roughs. I also knew how the designer, Andy Croft, had really considered the shape and placement of the eye, which isn’t a circle (though it may look like one) and I didn’t feel I could do it justice with rough and ready crayons. And then “ta, dah!”, I remembered how I often mock up designs by cutting out separate elements and sticking them in place with masking tape. Suddenly a design solution born out of real life – keeping the “work in progress” theme alive while retaining the logo intact. In super quick time the design was complete and off to Andy for any necessary tweaks before going to print. Now all I have to do is look forward to the sample packs which I know are on their way. #perksofthejob!

Photograph © Hodmedod's Ltd

Photograph © Hodmedod’s Ltd