Hodmedod’s Hedgehog Pie

Hedgehog Pie Blog
As I type it’s cold and miserable and the rain is lashing against the window panes – so this is a perfect day to share my recipe for Hodmedod’s Hedgehog Pie. This is 100% comfort food and is quick and easy to prepare. NOTE: this pie does NOT contain hedgehog! Instead it is made with the lovely Baked British Beans produced by Hodmedod’s which gives it a lovely substantial filling. I love to eat this with buttered sprouts or cabbage.

I also make a non-meat version by omitting the bacon, frying the onions until they are browned at the edges and, once the beans are heated though, adding brown sauce to taste. (I hesitate to call this a vegetarian version as not all brown sauces are suitable for vegetarians.) Note: thanks to Highland Whole Foods for suggesting smoked tofu as a substitute for bacon to make the recipe veggie friendly.
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At Art School, we were set a project to draw “everything we owned”. As the lecturer explained, he would probably see these things appearing in projects over the coming years, but this would give us an opportunity to start building up a visual reference library. It’s true, the stuff that surrounds me finds it way into my art sooner or later. Joseph Joseph Salt and Pepper

These Joseph Joseph salt and pepper mills are relatively recent acquisitions but as they look great and work brilliantly they have quickly found their way into an illustration. And finally, if, unlike Hoddy the Hedgehog, you don’t plan on eating a whole pie to yourself here’s a serving spoon to dish up the separate portions…..
Napkin and Spoon