Studio back up and running

Artist Hoddy
I’ve been out of my studio for a few days while it’s had a much needed lick of paint on the walls and some carpet on the floor. Great to get back in this morning and start work again. It felt very business-like with everything super-organised.

Work done, sent off and awaiting comments, I’ve coloured in another of the quick sketches I made at the kitchen table last week. No prizes for guessing what I was working on this morning – another label for those lovely Hodmedod’s people. While Hoddy favours wallpaper I much prefer paint on the walls. I’ve chose a beautiful colour that falls somewhere between soft grey and duck egg blue: ‘Parma Gray’ from Farrow & Ball. I’ve always been a great fan of their paints – the limited palette makes it so much easier to actually decide on a colour, and the matt finish hides a multitude of sins!