The Baked British Bean Label Story: Part II

BBB Wallpaper 2 by Carol Kearns
This is the ‘wallpaper’ that appears on the Hodmedod’s Baked British Beans can label. However, the first version of the ‘wallpaper’ looked like this:
BBB Wallpaper 1 by Carol Kearns
Indeed, we were happy with this version of the wallpaper, particularly bearing in mind how long it had taken us to get to this. Happy, that was, until we produced the design for the Vaal Dhal label.

After the blood, sweat and tears that went into producing the label for the Baked British Beans (see Part I of the story earlier on my Blog) the Dhal design came together surprisingly easily. But not only that, it was so obviously that much better that it demanded we do something to improve the BBB label.

At first, it just seemed to be a matter of adding a bit of oomph to the colouring:
BBB Flower BLOG by Carol KearnsBBB Flower Oompy BLOG by Carol Kearns
However, even the added colour didn’t totally work, the scale of the pattern was still too large. I played around with some ideas:
BBB Re-think Flower by Carol Kearns From which this design emerged. BBB final flower BLOG by Carol Kearns At this point I have to confess how difficult I found it to produce an image which worked within a repeat pattern. To me, this image doesn’t look balanced. However, images which did work better on their own, didn’t then work when repeated. Fortunately, I just managed to get this final design off before departing to Canada for a couple of weeks. And it does make a lovely wallpaper pattern for the can label – and for Hoddy’s house!