Whole Yellow Peas

Generic Peas

Hodmedod’s have tweeted the latest draft of their Whole Yellow Peas label at @Hodmedods. It is for one of a range of products to be launched shortly. Below I’ve detailed some of the versions the work goes through before it gets to this stage.

Pea Label Generic RoughThis is the initial (very rough!) rough which is sent out to everybody so that we can all get some idea of what might appear on the label and everyone has a chance to comment and provide their input into the design. Andy Croft, the designer, then pulls the lettering together so that the label has a strong design – at this stage I get to to know the precise dimensions that the illustration has to work within.


I supply the hand rendered versions of the lettering to Andy. It doesn’t appear on this label, but I had to supply an ‘X’ for one of the other labels. I must have produced zillions of versions before I came up with a few that looked even vaguely right. I then work up a more refined rough, taking into account the earlier feedback and working out the precise placing of elements of the illustration. A further complication of this design it that the tendrils need to appear as if they are entwining themselves around the lettering.

The artwork is produced with a bleed which will be cropped WYPLabelD3

to appear on the label. In this example I have produced a lot more of the leaves than is required, firstly because it is really difficult to get the veining right if you stop part of the way along a leaf, and secondly because it gives the designer a bit more tolerance is getting those tendrils around the letters. Some areas of the illustration are kept deliberately simple (such as the pods) as lettering will appear on those in the final design (yet to be added at this stage).