Who’s Hoddy?

Hoddy in the HallWho’s Hoddy? The character of Hoddy developed out of illustration work that I did for Hodmedod’s. hod1redHodmedod is the Norfolk dialect word for hedgehog and the charming hedgehog that is part of the Hodmedod’s logo was designed by Andy Croft of andygraphics. The first cartoon manifestation of Hoddy appeared as a doodle on one of the original roughs for the Split Dried Fava Beans carton. Hug a HoddyIn an idle moment I had added the caption “hug a hoddy?” Those sharp-eyed folk at Hodmedod’s spotted the doodle and, with their love of wordplay, came up with a range of puns on the words Hod and Hoddy. These puns can now be Carton Hoddyseen on the base of their pulse cartons, together with an explanation of the word ‘Hodmedod’. Next time you buy a carton, have a look for the Hoddy hiding on the base….

Cute HoddyA cuter manifestation of Hoddy emerged in another doodle: by now, I was often doodling hedgehogs! This led on to the first anthropomorphised Hoddy – stirring Baked British Beans in the Hodmedod’s development kitchen. My friend, Janet Peachey of Peachey’s Preserves “modelled” for the image by putting on her best chef’s hat while stirring a large pan of preserves! Cooking Hoddy Hoddy is now often found in the kitchen, developing recipes using Hodmedod’s peas and beans. He’s such a fan of the canned products that he has wallpapered his house using the designs on the can labels!

Hoddy has now broken out of the kitchen and is starting adventures in the wider world. See him above putting on his hat, scarf and gloves before venturing out into the Norfolk countryside…. (The “wallpaper” in the hallway is from the Fava Beans in Water label!)